Polish Crochet Artist Warms New York

In her current installation Knitting Is for Pus****, Polish artist Agata Oleksiak, (Olek) has taken craft to a new level. Previously having merely covered people, bikes, and cars, she has now covered an entire apartment with her intricately looped yarn and left no surface untouched by her crocheted creations. Much of the furniture featured is from Olek's own apartment, including her bed, which she apparently misses so much that she occasionally sleeps in the Gallery to feel at home.

"Life and art are inseparable," her artist statement explains, and she is able to find inspiration in what may seem mundane to the rest of us. The walls even feature texts she received from previous lovers, including some real gems such as, “ur pussy is my soul mate,” and “Soul is the part of you that sees a lap dance every time you close your eyes."

Visit this colorful, cozy, little world at Christopher Henry Gallery in Nolita, NY until the 28th, or attend the closing reception May 27th from 6-9 PM.

[Images via NY Magazine]

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