P.M. of Afghanistan: Under Pressure!

karzaiTo follow-up on yesterday's blog about the outrageousness of Prime Minister of Afghanistan Hamid Karzai (pictured) rushing the bill of legalizing spousal rape and severely limiting women's rights, it's no surprise that he's been getting some serious international heat about the controversial bill. And thank goodness!

According to a handful of international sources such as UPI.com , MalasiaSun.com , and Yahoo! India , 'Scandinavian foreign ministers attending a conference on Afghanistan at The Hague, Netherlands on Tuesday challenged Afghan leaders to respond to a published report on the new law,' while our very own 'U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton talked privately with Karzai on the issue.

After the meeting, she said that women's rights were critical to U.S. foreign policy, and that 'this is an are of absolute concern for the United States.' She continued by saying, 'My message is very clear. Women's rights are a central part of the foreign policy of the Obama administration.' Tell it, sister. Afterall, Obama just announced the White House Council on Women and Girls (another BUST blog from yesterday! ), totally spot-on to this kind of concern.


Yahoo! India
Malasia Sun


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