Plus-Size Pretties in a Lady Mag


Usually we don't have anything good to say about traditional lady mags (or for that matter, Fox News), but this month, Glamour's finally on to something -- plus-size models! Plus-size really meaning 'normal-size,' 'healthy-looking,' and 'totally beautiful.' Glamour's November issue, out on Tuesday, will feature a photo shoot with plus-size models Kate Dillon, Crystal Renn, and Lizzie Miller, and in honor of the occasion, Fox News has compiled a slideshow of several plus-size models looking just as fly as 'regular-size' models.

Apparently, after Glamour printed one photo of a plus-size model with a bit of stomach fat showing, readers clamored for more and the editors actually listened. Finally, somebody realized that looking at pictures of size-000 girls doesn't make most of us feel good about our bodies. Now if only Vogue and Elle would follow suit and give the models in the slideshow a chance to add something besides Celebrity Fit Club to their resumes. But just FYI -- Glamour isn't the first magazine to buck the thin-model trend. BUST has been putting plus-size ladies in its pages for 15 years!

photo courtesy Fox News

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