Pledge to End Potty Mouth...for Girls Only?

Talk about double standards. A New Jersey school is implementing a "no cursing" rule for their students, but only for the female students.

Girls at Queen of Peace High School, a catholic school in Arlington NJ, have been asked to take a pledge to clean up their language. The boys were asked not to curse around the ladies, but not asked to stop their cursing all together. The real head shaker in this is that Lori Flynn, the teacher who started this pledge, does not see it as a double standard. She says the administration wants the "ladies to act like ladies" because they feel that the girls swear more. They also believe that if the girls stop swearing that this good behavior will "rub off on the boys". To make this even better, the school is handing out lollipops and pins with "pink lips and red sashes" as incentive for the girls to clean up their language. Students seem to like this idea, but the response has been interesting. One female student thinks that everyone should take the pledge because "boys should act like gentlemen", while a male student thinks girls who curse are unattractive, but won't stop his cursing on the baseball field.  

Feel how you will about cursing, but when you ask students to take a pledge it should be to all students. Making up rules for one sex and not hold the other up to the same measure is a double standard. If you want these students to act like adults, treat them as such. And leave the f*cking "lollipops for good behavior" to the dentists.    

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