Planned Parenthood Clinic in Wisconsin Bombed

Planned Parenthood has had its fair share of criticism this year, with conservative pundits and politicians alike throwing stones. Last night, however, a critic of the organization took it a step further and threw a bomb. 

A homemade explosive device was set off at a Planned Parenthood location in Grand Chute, Wisconsin around 7:30 p.m. Sunday night. No one was injured, and the facility only sustained minimal damage to an exam room. As of now, no suspects are in custody.

As Business Insider points out, the Wisconsin state legislature is one of many throughout the country engaged in what they call "a culture war battle over women's healthcare." We have been trying to cover all of the developments here at BUST, but with transvaginal ultrasounds and sonograms, personhood bills, and national committee hearings on women's health leaving out women, it becomes difficult (not to mention disheartening) to paint a clear, complete picture of the state of women's rights in this nation. It has been a tough year for ladies, and this attack on Planned Parenthood only adds fuel to the fire. This act of pro-life terrorism should instill in us all the necessity to call our representatives, support the organizations that advocate for women's rights, and, perhaps most importantly, to vote come November. Our fight is far from done.

As for the Planned Parenthood location in Wisconsin that was targeted, they have announced their plans to reopen Tuesday for regular business hours. 


Image source choiceadvocates.org

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