Pippa Middleton: You Will Love Princesses!


“I bet when you’re 10 you’ll love pink, and you’ll love princesses,” said Pippa Middleton to a 6 year old who said she was a sort of tomboy and liked things that “boys like.”

Sigh.  The event was a promotion for Pippa’s new party-planning book “Celebrate.”  (I wonder if it’s got gender specific themed parties?) She let reporters film a craft session with costumed kids while she wore plain clothes.

WOW. Way to go Pippa, trying to tell a young impressionable girl that when she’s older, she will fit into the norm of liking “girl things.”

Seconds later, another girl adorably exclaimed “I hate princesses,” and Pippa laughed it off and said something inaudible.  It sounded along the lines of “I don’t know about that one,” or “Better not talk about that one.”  In any case, the girl seemed not to notice and then said “I like vampires!”  Sweet!

I, for one, am glad the little girl is confident in what she likes, given it goes against the norm.  Maybe she should shop at gender-neutral toy kingdom at Harrods.

If you want more adorable gender-neutral quotes from kids, check out a personal favorite, this video:


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