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Earlier this morning I stumbled across (thank you slide show on the New York Magazine website) the insanely intimate photographs of the late Tracey Baran, whose autobiographical images feel like snapshots taken from passages in her diary.

Baran, who sadly passed away last year at the age of 33, captured images of her own family, boyfriends, and herself in a manner that is quite revelatory. Images of her parents, which could have come off as comical, are tender and loving. Self-portraits in which Baran is naked on her bed are not pornographic, but instead sexy with a hint of playfulness. It seems that whatever Baran took pictures of, even if they were photographic cliches, she always seemed to find the emotional core of her subjects.

If you're a fan of Baran, you can catch a showing of her work at the Leslie Tonkonow Projects in Chelsea (535 W. 22nd St) until October 17.


Photo courtesy of JustinJamesReed.

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