Phat Pack at Comix NY

What better way to have a good laugh than with The Phat Pack? Hosted by the hilarious duo of Miss CKC and TMC, The Phat Pack combines the silliness and splendor of the 80’s Brat Pack and The Frat Pack. Combining side-splitting, relevant jokes and even some hilarious hip-hop routines to put Shazzazz to shame, you’re guaranteed to have a good time with these guys!

The group is comprised of the brilliant writer/comedian/freestyler Carolyn Castiglia, recognizable for her ECNY Award nominated web videos, two features in Entertainment Weekly Magazine, and her appearances on Comedy Central, VH1, and MTV2.

Joining her is Tom McCaffrey, a comedian, rapper, writer, and actor, also with appearances on Comedy Central’s Premium Blend, AtomTV, VH-1’s Best Week Ever, All Access, The A-List on AnimalPlanet, Not Just Another Cable News Show on CNN, and The Smoking Gun Presents on TRUTV under his belt.

Last year he also released an amazing, full length Rap/Comedy album Get Rich or Move Back in With my Dad.

Phat Pack will be performing at Comix 

at 353 West 14th St, NY, NY 10014

Dates, show times, and tickets are all conveniently available here

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