Performing Junk Boat on the Ohio River, Because Why Not?

The Ohio River Project is the latest venture of artists who make boats out of awesome pieces of trash and travel down various rivers. They stop in towns along the way to put on free shows for the public and create fun experiences, tons of laughter, and amazing pictures. Every year the masterminds behind the project pick a different river, and this time around they're sailing down one of the largest and most populated in the United States, the Ohio River. The boat is constructed from a mix of pianos, books, and even a Ferris Wheel, and “Bigfoot: The Musical” is their latest show. Why do they do it? “This is the world we want to live in,” the artists say.

Past expeditions have adventured down the Mississippi, the Hudson, the Ganges River in India, and across the Adriatic Sea from Slovenia to Venice. The concept was originally started by artist Swoon who called it the Swimming Cities Project, and the web has some pretty spectacular pics of her work.

We have mad respect Superchief, which is extremely down for the cause and letting more people in on the fun. Right now, they report, the project needs more funding to make it all possible. Check out the video on Superchief, explaining the artists' vision and past success, and contribute to this adventure of a lifetime by visiting the group’s kickstarter page.

Image courtesy of Art Observed

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