Peace on Earth and Goodwill Toward Cheap Clothing

457119749_5c728675bf.jpgEvery story about living on a budget seems to start out with the line ''in these tough economic times.''

So, in these tough economic times, thrift store shopping seems like a really good idea. And the thrift stores have noticed. The New York Times published an article today about a new phenomenon - Goodwill boutiques.

These shops are still run by the Goodwill and they still use their profits for the same cause, but instead of being a big warehouse of worn-out, under-$5, nameless old clothes, they specifically carry donated designer wear and their prices reflect that. Now, for the item, the price is good - you're not going to pay under $200 for Prada anywhere else - but they're still a lot higher than the regular Goodwill shops.

But don't worry, they aren't abandoning their M.O. - most of their stores haven't changed and you can still find the $5 cheapo duds if you want to. There are some regular Goodwill stores that have the designer stuff mixed in (the article mentions a $10 Vera Wang dress at a store in Harlem), too, which is great for a super bargain and someone who just loves the thrill of the hunt.

Goodwill isn't the only place to score pricey stuff on the cheap (I totally scored some brand new Svoboda jeans last week at Re/Dress for about half their retail price). You may have to put in a little more work at other stores to dig through and find the gems, but that can be half the fun. Plus, a lot of them will also separate out luxury items. If you're specifically looking for high-end, seek out one of these shops. Just don't expect true Goodwill prices. -Liza

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