Past Pictures Revisited on Young Me/Now Me: Cute or Creepy?

How fantastic would it be if you were given a dollar for every instance someone said to you “Wow, you've changed so much!”? I, for one, would probably be lounging by my gigantic pool and fanning myself with $100 bills in the Hamptons right now, if that were the case. It can be difficult to really see the changes you’ve undergone with age—which is what inspired the individuals posted on Young Me/Now Me to submit photos from their past, along with the recreated image of themselves, years later.

A project by online performance artist Ze Frank, the website Young Me/Now Me features user-submitted images of kids, families, and sometimes even pets that have been recreated years later by the very stars of the images. The best ones are complete with the same wardrobe, setting, and even the ridiculous facial expressions. Is it just me, or are some of these portraits reminiscent of Awkward Family Photos?

Check out more image submissions from family photo archives, and the heartfelt, awkward, hilarious, and sometimes even tear-inducing stories that accompany them at the Young Me/Now Me Blog.

Images courtesy of Young Me/Now Me Blog and Young Me/Now Me Gallery.

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