Party Like A Slutty Collegiate Tranny

Victoria_June09.jpgOn June 13 don't miss the Faux Queens Frat Party at the Stonewall Inn! Sure, you may be a woman, but that doesn't mean you can't dress in drag. Come to the Victoria Party; they donate money to different charities every month.

What is a faux queen?

A faux queen is someone who lives their day to day life as a female, and who portrays femininity either through performance or fashion. Think Julie Andrews in the classic film Victor Victoria - a woman playing a man playing a woman. At VICTORIA, guests can distance themselves from the femininity with which they were born or raised, and portray femininity the way it's imagined. As World Famous *BOB* explained, ''Courtney Cox is a real woman. Dolly Parton is a female-to-female drag queen.''

VICTORIA was featured in BUST Magazine's April/May 2008 issue.

And don't forget, the dress code is slutty collegiate tranny. -Liza

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