Paper Couture

It's no secret that Project Runway hasn't been good for a while -- the designers are boring, there's zero drama since they kicked off Johnny Meth Addict, and snarky fashion cops Nina and Michael are usually MIA. But perhaps most importantly, the outfits themselves are a big yawn -- have you seen any winning designs recently that you couldn't go buy at your local Banana Republic? So if you're going through kickass fashion withdrawal like myself, check out this phenomenal phonebook paper dress by new designer Jolis Paons. She crafted it for her creative processes class using entirely -- you guessed it -- phonebook paper. I've got a feeling Jolis would leave Irina and company in the dust if she were a contestant on the formerly great Proj Run. Check out her blog here and keep her on your fashion radar -- odds are she'll be more interesting to watch than the catfights between Althea and Carol Hannah.

photo courtesy Lost at E Minor

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