Paper Girls

The cast of Girls seems to be everywhere these days in print, but now you can take them everywhere with you in prints. Different prints, actually, thanks to Kevin Hilton at Vulture.

The brilliance of this kind of Girls print-job is that it is in doll form. Each of the four cast members now has their own paper doll, complete with different outfits and accessories. If you've been watching the season, you'll be pleased to see that the intricacies of each character's life are perfectly addressed in their doll counterpart's adornments. Shoshanna's outfit includes a bottomless number, a reference to her recent sans pants Bushwick crack-induced extravaganza, while Marnie's accessories include the table that her ex-boyfriend built, along with what seems to be a shrine to him. Jessa's "sexy geisha" outfit is in full swing on paper, and last, but not least, Hannah's dress includes a set of footie pajama's courtesy of the perpetually shirtless Adam.

Check and print out the Girls paper doll collection over at Vulture and be sure to let us know if you make any genius fan videos with those (paper) Girls.

(Image Courtesy of Vulture)

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