Paper Doll!

Now I think I'm pretty handy with scissors and paper - but I've got nothing on artist Eloise Corr Danch who crafted this beautiful dress completely from newspaper and book pages!

Called 'Ruffian Paper Doll', the dress was exhibited in October at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York for the gala opening of the exhibition SLASH! Paper Under the Knife. The Victorian era–inspired dress features pages of the book Ruffian: Inside Out, and Le Monde newspapers were used to papier mache the body.

For the bodice, Eloise cut an intricate pattern and devised an internal wire bustle to create the bottom shape of the dress, giving it a dramatic 1870s silhouette.

If you live in New York city, you can see it on show now at Kate's Paperie on West 13th street right now!

To see more work by Eloise, check out her website, where you'll see the fabulous creations she's dreamed up for  the Macy's 2009 Flower Show, The Martha Stewart Show and  Anthropologie’s flagship Rockefeller Center store. Truly a talented lady!

photo Geoff Green

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