Oy! The chosen people!

Our very own Emily Rems has been chosen to be included in second installment of Heeb Magazine's Heeb Hundred, a roundup of 100 people you need to know about! Here's what they had to say about our girl...

Emily Rems


With publications like Jane going mainstream (and then going under), Bust may be the last hope for a fashionable and inclusive haven in the midst of the crap storm of ladies' mags. At the helm is Managing Editor, Emily Rems, who as well as looking after the troops at Bust, regularly fills their pages with smart and funny pieces. Not content with just talking about up-to-the-minute happenings, Emily also makes them—writing, directing and producing local theather and kicking ass as a drummer in the all-girl pop-punk band Royal Pink

Congratulations Emily! We're so proud and farklempt! 

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