Osama's Baby Mama Drama

Apparently, even infamous terrorists aren't immune to petty familial drama. Last week, Shaukat Qadir revealed that Osama bin Laden’s capture could have partially resulted from betrayal by one of his wives, Khairiah Saber, because she was jealous that Bin Laden favored and shared a room with his youngest wife.

Mr. Qadir, a former Pakistani Army brigadier, has spent eight months using his old contacts to gain access to official Pakistani interrogations, which included conversations with the three wives living with Bin Laden during the May 2 raid. Last week, he began releasing the details of his personal investigation. According to Mr. Qadir, Bin Laden’s youngest wife, Amal Ahmed al-Sadah, told interrogators that Saber betrayed him to the Americans.

While official reports from Pakistan and the U.S. don't confirm these accusations, Mr. Qadir’s report still spins an interesting tale.

Image Source: The New York Times, News source: The New York Times and NPR


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