Order a "solidarity pizza" for Wisconsin

Starting from a lone call in California, people from all over the states and around the world have been ordering pizzas to the thousands of protesters camped outside the Wisconsin Capitol Building. So far, over 500 pizzas have been ordered from over 30 states and 10 countries - including one phone call from Cairo, Egypt.

The protesters have been raising a fury since last Monday; protesting Republican Gov. Scott Walker's proposed legislation that would essentially strip selective public sector workers of their collective bargaining rights. It's worth noting that public safety workers (the police,  firefighters, and state troopers), who are more likely to support and fund Republican candidates, are exempt from the bill.

If you want to help out the protesters, who include public sector workers and their allies, you can visit Ian's Pizza and order from the State Street store in Madison, WI. Unlike a crank pizza, these solidarity pies are purchased over the phone by friendly supporters' credit cards.

You can also watch a video about the pizza madness at The Uptake, which is also where the photo above is from.

If you're on the ground in Madison, BUST would love to hear your story! Email thoughts and comments to juliea@bust.com. Thanks!

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