Oops. I did it again.

And that time the condom broke. Or I was careless. Or maybe it was something more sinister. Whatever happened last night, help is only as far away as the nearest Internet connection. At this nifty web site, you can simply plug in your ZIP code, and out shoots a list of options  where you can pick up emergency contraception. I even tested it by plugging in obscure ZIP codes from my past, and not-2-late.com dutifully replied with a list of nearby resources. 

A little clicking around on the web site however, started to weird me out. First, the immediate bounce to a Princeton web site. Clearly there was some research going on here. Just what was the agenda? And who was paying for it? And they wanted personal stories? Huh?

James Trussell, the good doctor (of economics and public affairs) behind the database, set me straight. The site is definitely not pro-life. And while yes, they are collecting data, only from people who voluntarily submit it. Their part-time webmaster is funded by a grant from the NIH.

Thank you BUST blog, for a reason to ask these questions. And Thank you, Dr. James Trussell, for your speedy speedy replies.

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