One Part Last.fm, One Part Limewire and One Part iTunes


As the afternoon winds down, I'm tuning in to grooveshark.com and if you haven't checked this website out before, you might as well add it to your favorites now. Bookmark that shit.

Grooveshark is a website that a friend of mine introduced me to one late-night-turned-early-morning music marathon session. Frustrated with trying to find the right version of songs on YouTube, I complained loudly and she swooped in like a sonic saving grace. No more sappy video montages, no more unwanted club remixes and no more waiting for Pandora to rotate through tons of albums just to find the right song. Music uninterrupted. You are the maestro.

Right now I'm listening to classic/roots artist Johnny Flynn. With a lilting British accent that slips in and out of relaxed, sentimental lyrics he has a voice that I wouldn't mind falling asleep to.

Before you power of your computer for the evening, here's 'Leftovers' by Johnny Flynn.


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