OMG, She's Such a Lady Bastard!

I'm really loving the new TV Series, "Up All Night." I think it sort of has the potential to be kind of a 30 Rock, but about parenting. The show has a fantastic cast: Christina Applegate, demonstrating her great comedic abilities; Mr. Amy Poehler, Will Arnett; and our beloved Maya Rudolph as a sort of cross between Oprah and Tracy Jordan. And the fact that the show is written by a woman doesn't hurt, either.

To get a sense of her character's nuttiness, check out this clip here. (Damn you NBC for making it near impossible to embed videos!)

Anyways, this is the kind of show you really have to pay attention to in order catch all the clever lines, and in this week's episodes I heard one of my favorites. After Maya Rudolph's character (Ava) has been all kinds of nasty to Christina Applegate's character (Reagan, the producer of Ava's talk show), Ava finds out that Reagen wrote an awesome script for her. Once informed of this, Ava replies, "Reagen wrote my speech? After I was such a lady bastard?!"

That's right, people. When women get all bossy and mean, call them lady bastards. It sounds so much better (and less sexist) than "bitch." Genius!

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