Oh You Fancy, Huh?: BUST Goes to the Portlandia Premiere

Last night, the BUST staffers had a Ladies Night Out at the premiere party for Portlandia’s season 2. We have huge TV crushes on the IFC hit, and the second season way exceeded our expectations. The two new eps we watched at the party were packed with delightfully insane jokes, new characters (FYI, “We can pickle that!” is the new “Put a bird on it!”), and old pals like the aggressive bike messenger and feminist-bookstore owners. The blowout was held at NYC’s Museum of Natural History and was a celebrity gawkfest of epic proportions. We tried to act casual while laser-beam eyeing Kristen Wiig, Kathleen Hanna, Jeff Goldblum, Joanna Newsom, the whole cast of SNL, Jack McBrayer, Amber Tamblyn, David Cross, Nick Zinner from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and of course, stars Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein. I had a long convo with Fred’s mom, who may be one of the Top Cute People of 2012 (results will be released at the end of this year).

After the eps were done, everybody moved upstairs to a fancy-ass room that’d been decorated with Portlandia-themed art, episode in-jokes, and hilarious props (a faux “feminist bookstore,” complete with real titles, served as a bar). We were too busy mainlining white wine and stuffing fried mac & cheese nuggets into our canapé-holes to take more photos, but here are some red-carpet shots from the Washington Post.

Season 2 of Portlandia premieres tonight on IFC, so check the network's website for the exact schedule, and settle in for some extreme larfs.

(bar photo by Michael Lavine)

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