Oh Ms. Rossellini, You're a Doll!


If you were unable to make your way to Barnes and Noble last night to see Isabella Rossellini, well, you missed a treat.

Ms. Rossellini is AMAZING. This woman is spunky, hilarious as all hell, incredibly beautiful and her laughter is contagious. When she was discussing Green Porno and how it took her until her mid-50s to return to something she fell in love with as a child (animals!), you could tell her heart is completely in this.

For Rossellini, she wanted to take a subject she was passionate about and pair it with something humans just can't get enough of....sex. Pair up animals doing the deed with insanely adorable paper creations and you have one of the cutest ways to inform yourself about animals (and insects) going at it.

In the Green Porno book you have 18 episodes of the series, as well as stills taken from the most recent season. My only suggestion would have been to include some behind-the-scenes footage in the book because I'd love to see the step by step process of how this darling series is made.

Thank you, Ms Rossellini, for doing what you do.


Photo courtesy of me!

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