Oh Dear: Masks and Beards.

I recently scribbled a bit about circle contact lenses and their potential dangers, and got quite a few interesting responses. When I saw this teeny morsel of an article on the Huffington Post, I couldn’t help but bring this possibly impending trend to your attention, ladies (and gents, perhaps).

Berlin Fashion Week has just come and gone, and though I haven’t really gone hunting to see what might hit the streets of Germany in the fall, these masks stand out just a smidge. Covering your face for fashion’s sake? I guess I can’t be too surprised. We’ve seen it before, to some degree. (Okay, so maybe it wasn't necessarily just for fashion, but whatever.) And some of the blame has already been preemptively put on Lady Gaga. Plus, there always seems to be something on the runway that makes me wonder who is really going to pay a bajillion $/€/£/¥/etc. to look like a turd rolled in sequins.

I suppose we’ve still covered all our bases here though. Feathered face-hawk? Check. Being swallowed in a marshmallow bedsheet being ravaged by ants? Check. A princess out of The Neverending Story off to the carnival, nearly ensnared by a gang of Chinese finger traps? Chizzeck.

And while you’re on this kick…

Yup. That be a bearded lady for ya. Arr. (Don’t ask me why this required a pirate voice.)

Here are some fascinating shots from Patrick Mohr’s “Are We Shaved?” The show was meant to blur the boundaries between male and female and demonstrate their unimportance…while still showcasing veiny muscles and fake bubbies. Hm. What a juxtaposition.

Jezebel also has some great images of non-bearded ladies and gents dressed in kites, neon Crayola-colored wigs, and gettin’ a little help from their friends on dollies made for the UPS delivery guy.

In other words, just another day in the world of fashion.

Give me something to read and post some commentary below, ja?

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a shopping list to attend to.

Foot paint
Plastic ponchos and various other pieces of raingear…

[images: HuffPost, Daily Mail]

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