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Employee of the Month, a podcast hosted by comedienne extraordinaire, Catie Lazarus, is having a Holiday Office Party show at UCB East and we want to be there—not only to hear her banter and possibly meet her dog, but because she is having a few very special guests. 

Hari Kunzru, a renowned novelist (and free-thinking badass), can tell us about how he almost got arrested for fighting censorship.  Lazarus is also hosting the fiercely intelligent Rachel Maddow—one of the first openly queer women in primetime.  Thirdly, GLORIA STEINEM WILL BE SPEAKING.  So naturally we want to listen.  The New Guys and Rob Lathan will also make appearances—it’s a crazy good lineup.



The show will be at 9:30 pm EST on December 20th at UCB East (153 East 3rd St.) and there will be a stand-by line.  However, most of us will be listening to the free podcast via iTunes or SoundCloud.  If you’d like to get acquainted with Employee of the Month, you can access old podcasts here.


Images via lazarusrising.com and  cltampa.com



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