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Crafting gets a bad rep. Relegated to senior citizen homes and children's day camps, admitting a penchant for crafting in your twenties elicits confusion and discomfort from your peers. Sample reaction: "But, like, why would you make something when you could buy it at Target?!"

Here at BUST, though, we think half the fun (or sometimes all of the fun!) in acquiring something new comes from doing it yourself. Thanks to the hundreds of awesome DIY blogs these days, new ideas are constantly at our fingertips. If your inspiration is low or if you don't have much time, here are a few projects to get you started. Not all require a sewing machine or too much time and handiwork, but they all have one thing in common: the results are super cool. Definitely the fare of a modern crafting lady.

1. Chained Collar Tips

A great way to spruce up a standard button-down, these tips lend a hard rock and roll edge to any look.

DIY tutorial at tailoranddemolish.com


2. Hair Necklace

Another chain project, this time for your hair. Basically, any girl who ever wanted to be a princess or a fairy but ended up an independent city girl should make this and wear it with pride.

DIY tutorial at thebeautydepartment.com


3. Heart String Art

This one would make a perfect gift for someone who lives far away (Mom, maybe?) And plus, the tutorial calls for hammering, so it could be a great way to relieve tension and have something to show for it.

DIY tutorial at theharpsterhome.wordpress.com


4. Suspenders

The perfect way to dandy-fy any outfit. Make them for your significant other or yourself. Girls in suspenders = win.

DIY tutorial at abeautifulmess.typepad.com


5. Suitcase Ottoman

This is by far the most involved project on the list, but there's something kind of great about the way this looks. Plus, it's a great seating option for a small apartment and can be stowed and brought out easily for parties or get togethers.

DIY tutorial at inscrutables.com



Do you have any favorite DIY sites?
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Image sources tayloranddemolish.com, the beautydepartment.com, theharpsterhome.wordpress.com, abeautifulmess.typepad.com, and inscrutables.com

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