Not Freezing To Death Is Fashionable Too

It’s easy to pass by puffy outerwear in the post-holiday mess that is retail stores these days, deeming it tacky or unflattering. I’ll admit that I’m still not a huge fan of the bubble jacket. But next time you see a marshmallow-y vest, I challenge you to try it on and still believe it’s not worth the warmth. If you find the right one, puffer vests can be cute AND incredibly comfy. I encourage the oversized puffer vest, like the one seen in this badass shoot by Naomi Shon


Maybe it's because the idea of menswear silhouettes on women has always appealed to me, à la Shania Twain. But mostly I’m always cold and I grew up stealing my dad’s puffer vests HE wore in the winter to keep his arms free while working on semi-trailer trucks and I’m just really attached to them now, okay? Anyway, try out some of these vests to look hot as Hell. LITERALLY.




For more tips on wearing puffer vests stylishly and to find out where to buy these big, fat puffs, head over to ManRepeller.


And, dudes, are you puffing?

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