No One Can Compete With Heidi Klum on Halloween

Every year, Heidi Klum throws an all-out Halloween bash and tries to top herself year after year in terms of costume intricacy. I kind of love when girls are unafraid to be not "pretty" in the name of an awesome Halloween costume and I love that for each costume, Heidi totally commits. This year, she's got two costumes in the works to be full revealed the Saturday before Halloween [updated above]. The first is some sort of monkey boy and the second is a cadaver from the "Bodies" cadaver exhibition. Check out some of her costumes from past years. Your guess is as good as mine as to what a few of them could be. [For more updated pictures of her insanely epic costume this year, head over to the Daily Mail.]

2010: a kind of Transformer?

2009: blackbird


2008: Kali, the goddess of destruction

2007: rat

2006: poison apple

2005: vampire

2004: evil red witch

2003: gold robot?

2002: Betty Boop

2001: lady Godiva

2000: goth girl

[The Frisky/Fashionista/Daily Mail]

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