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OK, but I get alot of mail everyday, some of it fun (cds, photography and illustration promos) some not so fun (bills!) and every now and then some random cool shit that I just have to share. Today I recieved a hand made linocut poster and silkscreened neckerchef (or neckerchin as debbie likes to call em) from a gal named Tamara, her company is called No Guts No Glory and she is based in Brooklyn. This particular scarf had a screen printing of a uterus on it! Of course Callie immediated donned it, and whats weird is that it seemed to have prompted her period! woah. after the jump, more random stuff that came recently...

About a month ago, my old pal Lisa Ross sent me these silly boobie thumb tacks. they are shaped like boobs, go figure. But they dont have nips on them! they do work nicely tho, thanks Lisa!


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