Nike Stands by Their Man

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I'm not really into sports.  And I'm not really into Nike either.  And I don't really pay that much attention to sports endorsements BUT when Nike endorses sexual assault offenders even I'm like, "What the hell, Nike?  You managed to not meet the exceedingly low expectations I have for you."

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has a 572-page Georgia Police report filed against him, two women accusing him of rape, another woman accusing him of two counts of sexual assault and of course, millions of dollars rolling in from his Nike endorsement deal.  Dude, even local business Big Ben's Beef Jerkey dropped him after all this.  You know you've screwed up when your hometown is willing to shun you after two Superbowl wins.  But not Nike, Nike is loyal.  Nike will stay through the tough times, through the thick of sexual assault and rape charges (Kobe Bryant, I'm looking at you.) 

The only thing Nike doesn't like is dog fighting.  Way to go, Michael Vick, you chose to engage in the only illegal activity Nike's not cool with.  Puppies are cute, okay.  Everyone loves puppies.  Woman are just like....ugh, people. Gross.

Take a class in corporate ethics, Nike and stop supporting sexual assault. 

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