Nick Offerman, Tim Meadows, Judd Nelson And Other Guys Tell Us Why Middle-Aged Men Are Best Women's Health Experts


When Congress held that panel on birth control a few weeks ago and invited "women's health experts" who happened to be only conservative men, we were wondering what was wrong with that picture. But now, we have this hilarious video to explain things so we won't have to worry our pretty little heads anymore! As Nick Offerman (who plays Ron Swanson on Parks & Rec) puts it, "Late-middle-aged men know the most about everything." Some other choice quotes from these "Women's Health Experts":

Kurtwood Smith: Why don't we ask a woman what she thinks? (Everybody laughs for a really long time.) Because she would faint from the stress!

Judd Nelson: Any women who get angry about us making all these decisions are probably just on their period.
Tim Meadows: Definitely on their period.
Nick Offerman: Gross.

Nick Offerman: (giggling) Vaginas.

Women's Health Experts Speak Out [Funny or Die]


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