News Flash: Men are Wimps

I am generally not a fan of gender-based "science"- that thing that says we can't parallel park or ask for pay raises- but two of these kinds of news articles about men came out this week that, in tandem, create quite a convincing body of evidence that men are, for lack of a better word, wimpy.

First up: according to science, men tend to exaggerate sickness more than women. Dubbed the "man flu syndrome," men are more likely to describe a cold as a flu, or a headache as a migraine to gain "maximum sympathy." "Maximum sympathy" is just the kind of phrasing a man would use to say he wants to be coddled like a baby. So ladies, next time a man in your life asks for help while appearing sick, do not heed their call! It's all a big farce!

Secondly, young men seem to be more affected by a relationship's quality than women. While women might care more about their relationship status- whether or not they are single- men are more concerned with the ups and downs of the relationship. This study contradicts previous conceived notions that women are more emotionally affected by relationships than men.

Who knew men were so needy and emotional these days? Thankfully science is there to prove what we, as women, have known all along- that men are wimps. And at this rate, soon they'll be asking us to parallel park their cars! It will be pandemonium!

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