News Flash: Fox News? Maybe Not So Balanced


It's not exactly shock of the century, I realize, but I still couldn't help but startle at the contempt dripping from a few of Fox's most recent headlines. Wowza, what journalism!

Read on for the best of the bunch. And by best, I clearly mean WTF?!


Study: 40 Percent of Women Report Sexual Problems, Most Don't Care

While other sources preceed the same story with statements like Almost Half of Women Have Sexual Problems (Washington Post) or Sex Difficulties in Women Not Distressing to Most (Bloomberg), Fox prefers to conjure the tired image of a lazy housewife eating bon-bons, watching soap operas and denying her husband an orgasm because she simply doesn't give a shit. Awesome!

On a Whim, Woman Buys Foreclosed Home and Gives It Back to Owner

Oh, those women and their whims! After watching Tracy Orr stand crying and helpless at the auction of her recently foreclosed home, Texan Marilyn Mock decided to purchase it back and arrange a payment plan feasible to Orr's budget. Massively kind-hearted deed? No, no, says Fox News: hysterical womanly compulsion!

Blondes vs. Brunettes: Who Is Better Wife Material?

Just...really? Wow.

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