New 'Zine by Teen Girls Helps Fight Abusive Relationships

Inspired by the women's printmaking collectives of the '70s - '80s and the riot grrrl culture of the '90s, a new online zine has emerged to educate youth. The advocacy groups Groundswell's Voices Her'd Visionaries and Day One have come together to create a new campaign, "Love Shouldn't Hurt," about abusive relationships and how to seek help. Their printed and digital media will increase awareness about abusive relationships, as well as encourage teens to seek out Day One's services. Day One is devoted to the issue of teen violence, and has free confidential counseling services as well as legal advice.

The "Love Shouldn't Hurt" program will also be distributed to youth groups and schools, in an effort for widespread awareness for this topic. Through their collaboration, they will bring together community organizations, artists, and teens to use education and artistic expression for social change. 

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