New York: Not Scary

Picture 2.pngIt's not nearly as bad as it looks, I promise.

The New York Times published an interactive map on their website highlighting all of the murders in the 5 boroughs of NYC over the past 6 years. You can zoom in on any area and get the name of the victim, name of the murderer, time and date of the crime, the motive and the weapon (if the information is available) for each individual homicide.

This graphic, a.k.a the crazy death map, makes New York look a LOT scarier than it really is. I promise. Sure, there are areas I wouldn't walk through alone after dark, but there are just as many places where I feel 100% fine.

There have been about 3000 murders since 2003 (which is as early as the map goes). That's about 500 a year. Out of 8 million people. That's .00625% of the population. So your likelihood of being whacked in NYC is not that high. Even if you dare to leave Manhattan.

Just don't be stupid. Walk safe. -Liza

(photo via www.nytimes.com)

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