New Website Alert: Raspberry Mousse

Native New Yorker Kanika Ameerah says she was feeling frustrated by the social networking sites available to her, so she decided to make her own.  Her new site, Raspberry Mousse (http://www.raspberrymousse.net), is in her words a "social networking and events portal that caters to the... bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer crowd--truly a place for the rest of the LGBTIQ community, where we get the chance to be and feel like 'regular people' in a world that treats us like we're not." 

Ameerah explains that, while she understands the good intentions of LGBT social websites she used to frequent, as a bisexual woman she also sometimes felt left out, or encouraged to fit a gay-straight binary--even within gay and lesbian social circles.  Besides being a place to socialize and find events, Raspberry Mousse also opens up discussions about these issues, and offers support for those who might have felt the same way. 

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