I Hate Being Single

I forget that men are also affected by the culture that preaches coupling and romance over single life. Though the statistics are proving that we—lady and boy—Americans are living la vida solo more and more, our cultural anxieties to find “the one” and to be in a “together” has not stopped.  And that is where New York based comedian/actor/writer Rob Michael Hugel comes in. He takes the deep neurosis of a young, single, relationship-loving man and makes it into comedic gold.

I Hate Being Single's story is almost too familiar: Rob is a twenty-something living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, who rides bikes and used to be in a band. But that’s the point. The newly single Rob is desperately looking for a relationship or, better yet, trying to figure out who he is without the coupled identity he longs for. Rob's humor is dry and awkward, which makes the character pathetically hilarious. In the latest episode, Rob strikes up a “friendship” with his Chase banker--who does that? I'll keep watching “I Hate Being Single” for the quirky and endearing hipster humor, but it definitely gets bonus points for the BUST cameo in the latest episode (catch us around the 3 minute mark of Episode 3).


You can watch the first episode here:

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