New M.I.A. Mixtape - Vicki Leekx

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Vicki Leakx dropped on New Years as one continuous 36-minute track. M.I.A. worked with Diplo, Switch, Rusko as well as several others to create a mixtape that sounds like classic M.I.A. Totally free to download here! I love “Let Me Hump You” but not so much the autotune stuff like “Gen-N-E-Y”. You can see the whole track list here.

I think “Mudersounds Munchi” explains the title of the album. Like Wikileaks’ belief that information should be freely accessible to the public, she seems to take the same stance on music, “I am not saying it should be free, I am saying it should be free-er. I am not saying it should be free-er, I am saying music should be free.” Perhaps that only holds true for mixtapes though?

I haven’t heard back from my bro Ryder Ripps to confirm but I am pretty sure he designed the site. He’s designed a couple sites for M.I.A, which you can find here.  I am a big fan of his work. Since he is such an internet fanatic - naming a mixtape after Wikileaks has his mark all over it.

And speaking of WikiLeaks, I really want a “WikiLeaks Stop Snitching” shirt. I know they must exist somewhere.

What do you guys think of Vicki Leekx? I wasn't that into her last album but I think this one may grow on me. 


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