New Drama. Same zipcode.

Picture 4(2).pngSo I gutted it out through the 2 hour premiere of 90210: the new season last night. Truly gut-wrenching, and not in a good way. I so fondly remember sneaking (yes, sneaking) to watch the original series, as everyone who's above the age of 18 does. So i promised myself that even if the new one sucked, i would watch it anyway. Holy vast disappointment! First of all, that Naomi chick drove me completely bonkers! What is with her? I can't put my finger on why I hate her so much, but I know it's not just cause her character is a total bitch. Something about her just irks me. Secondly, girls...eat an effing sandwich! Toooooo skinny. My bones hurt just watching yours jut out everywhere. And lastly..um, someone in wardrobe needs to get fired. Not digging the clothes. I mean, hello, Beverly Hills? Rodeo Drive? Not that fashion was ever the driving force behind the original series, I never remember it being that important back then. But seriously, that was the early 90's and this is NOW..I totally expected better. But hey, maybe my bar is too high...i mean, Gossip Girl pretty much has murdered anyone else's chance of looking halfway decent in comparison. But hey, it wasn't ALL bad. I found myself rallying for the main character, Annie. She's at least a little likable and not that her acting will win any Emmy's, it was pretty believable..as teen drama goes. Plus, Lori Loughlin can do no wrong in my book (total Full House nostalgia, anyone?). But the best redeeming quality the show has is this guy:


Holy smokes! HOT teacher and lacrosse coach. Yeah, umm, call me.

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