Never Never Love

Pop Levi's mojo-packed sophomore release borrows from the best of pop, rock, and funk.

Musical contortionist Pop Levi continues to genre-bend and delight on his sophomore release, Never Never Love. Borrowing from the best across pop, rock, and funk, the album is a ride on the roller coaster of love. It’s free-spirited and fun, yet not without depth or careful consideration. The man clearly understands music—just listen to the badass guitar riff on “Dita Dimone” or the quirky computerized melody on “Everything and Finally” for proof. Though at times the tracks seem a bit too heavily influenced, their real flair comes from Mr. Pop himself. His magnetism and ability to reinvent the wheel gives Never Never its mojo, even when it misses the plot a bit. Levi brings something refreshing to music, though it’s not necessarily anything new, and as a result, modern pop just got more exciting.

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