Need a place to hang your flannel? The Hipster’s U.S. City Guide


Amateur cartographer and multimedia journalist Katie Gillett put together this handy map for hipsters on the prowl for new locales to ride their fixed gear bikes around. After driving across the country from Florida to Canada to California with the dictum “No pants, no plans, no priorities,” she thought to make the knowledge she'd gleaned into an accessible infographic: "The Post-Grad Hipster’s Guide to Inhabitable U.S. Cities."

A busy and multi-talented lady, Gillett is currently at work making a socio-environmental documentary film. She resides in “strip malls and suburban sprawl, but at least my mom doesn’t charge me for rent” Florida.

The map was originally published on The Rumpus where readers have been adding their own suggestions, such as “Pittsburgh ‘I make a living off my Etsy knitting store and spend most of my time at the artisanal coffee shop because my 1880s house is so cheap (but the heat is too expensive to stay home)’ Pennsylvania,” and “Columbia ‘Come for the film festival, stay for the pretentious after party’ Missouri.”

I can only imagine what the Canadian city guide equivalent would be; maybe “Montreal 'The drinking age is only 18 and I can read French comix and pretend to understand them’ Quebec, or “Toronto ‘Where else am I going to go?’ Ontario.” Either way, I’m just so glad that there are more resources for hipsters out there.

[The Rumpus]

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