Nadya's Mom Speaks Out!


I've been totally on the fence about this octuplet thing since it started dominating the news. On the one hand, I think a woman's reproductive freedoms should extend to all facets of family planing. And I also think that people have been pretty harsh in their judgments of Nadya Suleman since the news broke that her now-famous babies are only the most recent editions to her brood of 14 in-vitro children.

But this interview that Radar just nabbed with Nadya's mom Angela , who apparently is the one who has already had to assume responsibility for the first six kids, just made me flip my lid. In it, she calls Nadya's decision to undergo IVF again 'unconscionable.' And she looks nothing short of hopeless when she says unequivocally 'The truth is, Nadya's not capable of raising 14 children.'

Check the interview and let us know, is love really all this bumper crop of babies need? Or is their very existence tantamount to child abuse?

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