My Mother was Beautiful!

There are zillions of blogs referencing retro fashion, using found photos and allowing us to pay tribute to the fashions of yesteryear - but here's one with a twist!

You know that feeling when you're rummaging around your parents house and you find a box or album of pictures of their lives before you existed? I bet you've stared deep into your mother's eyes and wondered 'how did you get your hair SO big?' - you've probably also despaired that she threw away all those amazing clothes.

Now you can celebrate and recreate great maternal fashion style with the blog My Mom, the style Icon . The blog picks out cute fashion trends from the Mom chronicles and tells you how you can emulate your mother's style. With handy tips and stores where you can pick up clothes similar to those natty originals, this blog is retro inspiration!

Created by Piper Weiss, it's soon going to be a book. So if you've always thought your Mum was the coolest, most beautiful creature on earth before you ruined her figure by being born, then submit her pics!

picture from My Mom, the Style Icon

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