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Check it out ladies. Poker ain't just a game for guys (well, uh..duh). We're smarties here at BUST, and we've known it for a long time (Dec/Jan issue 2006). But lately, more and more gals have become known for their poker fame. Namely, Stephanie Morgan, a professional card player. She teamed up with Hands-On Mobile and World Poker Tour (think ESPN) and helped create one of the most popular mobile franchises, the World Poker Tour products and applications. Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting this fine lady and she introduced me to World Poker Tour Texas Hold 'Em 2, the first major mobile game to include web-to-wireless convergence.

In PR mumbo-jumbo: with true web-to-wireless gameplay, WPT Texas Hold 'Em 2 makes top-caliber poker available to anyone how they want it, when they want. Players can enjoy the same great game on either their mobile phones or on the web, and play live, multiplayer poker against other mobile or web players from all over the world.

In normal people talk: this game is rad. i play it on the train and while i'm waiting in lines places, or at the dentist or wherever. It doesn't eat up a lot of your battery power and the cool thing is, it actually feels like you're winning, without blowing a wad of cash.  You can customize your character and give yourself a name and even organize all your friends to all be on at the same time, so college poker nights are once again! 

The holidays are coming...give this to your girls (or boys) as a gift or buy it for yourself. Good times, I swear. 

For more info, go to www.mforma.com

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