My Future Ex-Wife

I have a new girl crush on a Miss Ebony Bones!


I love everything about it! The drummer is Rat Scabies from The Damned and I’ll be damned if he isn’t still one tight ass drummer and after watching the live video below I think I have an actual sexual crush on him. They sound sort of like a combo of The Sugarcubes and Bow Wow Wow. Check out the outfits! I am so into the giant chains, not to mention the bones, the shoes, the tights, and the headpieces. Miss Bones sort of looks like Latoya Jackson spliced with Lil Kim and somehow I am not terrified. Check out this live show. What about that crazy rendition of “Mind Your Own Business”, is this a cover of a different version of that song and an ode to Johnny Rotten? I don’t remember Delta 5 talking about licking sweat from armpits but yet it seems so familiar. Someone do some 'splaining, please. I have listened to it like 5 times and still can’t get enough. I hope this bird gets across the pond soon because I am just quivering to see her live. Her Myspace is a pain to view but her quote is “like Harry Potter with a vagina” which is just so magical it makes it worth it. She is most def a Drunky Brewster inspiration. 

P.S. This just in New Zealand is tying to block the use of numerals in names after two ass-clowns tried to name their baby 4Real.  You know, because it was totally a baby 4 real. So much for all those kiwis that wanted to birth 2hot2be4gotten and Baby2face. 

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