My FNO Look + A Few Looks from the Fashion Filled Streets

Working till 8pm at a vintage store in the Village, I stayed dressed up all day and went straight from work to Fashion's Night Out festivities. I don't normally stress about bringing the fashion fun, but I knew people would be dressed to the nines and I wanted to find a middle ground. I probably went through at least 3 outfit changes the night before, trying to take themes, weather, and shoe comfort into consideration. I finally ended up with a look that felt comfortable enough for work and stylish enough to go out and about. I borrowed the sunglasses for this photo though!

I wasn't able to take as many street style photos as I would have liked since the streets were so packed, but I did run into a few memorable bloggers I'd like to share! 

Blogger Emma (below on the right) and I were both at The Ace Hotel where we got our portraits sketched by Jessica Repetto onto tote bags for the Band of Outsiders event. You can sort of see hers below.

As I headed home, I ran into the The Idiosyncratic Fashionistas from Advanced Style and I must admit, it totally made my night. They were so cute and super sweet. P.S. They are ladies who love BUST!

This street style photo of the always adorable Tennessee Thomas of The Like is actually from The Girl Groups Extravaganza not too long ago, but I just had to include it among the stylish.  

Whether you stayed in or went full on fashion out, it all sounds fun to me. I was half craving tea and Buffy DVDs after work, but was also totally psyched about the events going on. How was your night?

[Twee Valley High/The Rebel Waltz]

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