Album Review: Pink Playground | Destination Ecstasy

Known for its impeccable good taste and all around hipness, Brooklyn label Mexican Summer has spawned another hit record with their release of Pink Playground’s Destination Ecstasy (out now). Pink Playground is Texan duo Tara Tyson and James Wing, who, like the rest of their state, like things big: in this case, distortion and feedback.  Despite all best efforts to avoid the obvious comparison to My Bloody Valentine, the ghostly feedback of “Stationary” is so reminiscent of “You Made Me Realise”-era MBV that it’s nearly impossible not to mention.  But underneath all that noise, there are hints that the music on the electric Ecstasy is more than just pure, unabashed ’90s guitar worship. “Dark Bloom” provides a gloomier, almost danceable groove that is more commonly found at minimal synth shows in Brooklyn DIY venues.  Despite rumors that they have no intention of playing live, here’s hoping the band decides to bring their sound to the people and deliver an ear-bleeding good time.

-Peter Wenker

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