Movies on the Half Shell!

3221417877_f462f61ce4_o.jpgCowabunga! In honor of the 25th anniversary of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (let's all take a moment to feel really old) not only will the Empire State Building be lit green tonight but the Tribeca Film Fest will be showing the original TMNT movie from 1990.

Aside from New York, the Turtles will be hitting the road and visiting Philly, Chicago, St Louis, Detroit, Dallas, Denver, Phoenix, Vegas, LA and San Diego. They'll be making different kinds of appearances in each city, so visit their anniversary site above for details.

I remember getting the videos from Burger King way back in the day and practically wearing them out. And, of course, fighting with my brother about who the coolest turtle was (he said Raphael, I liked Michaelangelo). Did anyone else play the theme song in 4th grade band? Turtle power! -Liza

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