Movie Review: "What's Your Number?" starring Anna Faris

I will never ever deny the fact that I'm a huge fan of romantic comedies. Despite their formulaic plot lines and almost laughable predictability, I still go googly-eyed and mushy-hearted at all the unlikely heroines/heroes and their even more unlikely love connections. So, when an invitation for a screening of What's Your Number? came up, I quickly snagged it. The movie follows Ally Darling (Anna Faris) as she tries to uncover a diamond in the rough among her past boyfriends after reading an article in Marie Claire. According to the article, women sleep with an average of 10.5 men in their lifetime, to which a surprised Ally, showing it to a homeless lady on the train, exclaims "it's low!" before making a list of all 20 guys she has slept with. Not wanting to go over that number, she decides (after failed Google and Facebook attempts) to go on a search to find "the one" from her list of exes.  

She enlists the help of her neighbor Mr. 6A, "dangerously sexy" Colin (Chris Evans), who's conveniently handy with getting information on people, thanks to a cop father. She promises him shelter from his exes if he promises to help her track down hers. What ensues is a really sweet story about two people who develop feelings for one another despite being thrown together with completely different goals.

Though the story is one in which you know the ending before you even sit down, the way it gets there is really refreshing. Anna Faris plays a character that's quirky, witty, and relatable. Colin is your typical playboy, but you'll enjoy watching the way him and Faris interact and eventually fall for each other. Not to mention the hilarious and awkward run-in's with the exes.

The movie is a lot funnier than the trailers make it seem, so don't go into the theater thinking that it'll be so-so. All in all, What's Your Number? is a fun romantic-comedy with a cast of likable characters that you won't mind spending a couple of bucks on. 

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