Mother’s Day is Coming Up! My Mom, Style Icon Book

With Mother’s Day approaching this weekend, if you’re in need of a great gift idea look no further than the new book My Mom, The Style Icon for the style appreciative parent. Blogger Piper Weiss came upon a pleasant discovery when she dug through old family photos of her parents, finding that her mother was not only a babe, but a très chic one at that.

For the past two years Weiss has been collecting photos of mothers from around the world and has found that their younger selves are extremely stylish. The book began as a blog where anyone can submit photographs of their elegantly appareled mothers. There are photographs of moms with former suitors before they met dad labeled “Not your father,” and snapshots tagged “Mom proms” containing fresh-faced moms decked out in satin, tulle and adorable homemade frocks. See trendy moms posing before they camera, before they became mothers and became the one taking the picture.

You can find this stunning collection in Weiss’s My Mom, Style Icon from Chronicle Books. The beautifully designed book contains over 200 vintage photographs of moms and stories from before you were around to understand what was going on in their lives. A sweet Mother’s Day idea from blog A Mom Less Ordinary is to buy the book and paste a few photographs of your mom on the inside cover and write a caption describing the ways she has been an icon to you. Wouldn’t that just make your mom tear up with emotion? Happy Mother's Day! 

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